Learn about who were are - how we organized our trips and lots more.

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Restorative Journeys

Together we immerse in nature, feel, sense and see with other eyes.

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Black bear

Nature Secrets

Follow Gary the "Bear Whisperer" and truly experience nature.

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Cross River

Indigenous Encounters

We offer trips and retreats for Indigenous people and arrange personalized encounters.

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Winter tracks

Winter Wonders

Our winter wonders begins a long season of fun for skiers and non skiers alike.

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Grand Canyon

Adventure Dreams

With its vast expanses of wilderness Canada feeds the dreams of many an adventure seeker, exploring these remote areas in myriad ways.

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We like to encourage all our readers, clients and partners to share their stories with us. Stories of travels together with us and our partners, unforgettable or fun memories, stories that relate in any context to one of our themes winter wonders, discovery drives, native encounters, cowboy experiences, nature secrets and adventure dreams.