Meet Us

wild and free in the Canadian Rockies

Creative Western Adventures brings visitors 'Face to Face with Canada's People, Nature and Wildlife'. We strive to provide a deep experience and connection with the land and the people. We explore connections and relationships in conjunction with community, nature and spirit. The natural beauty of Western and Northern Canada's diverse landscape is the ideal setting and playground for our educational, learning, and restorative journeys.

As a small organization it is crucial that we have a strong and cohesive network of partners and friends who share and complement our philosophy. The people we work together with are all wonderful beings with unique characters, skills, teachings, knowledge and a deep love for the natural world. Together as a team we are committed in fulfilling this vision with a tremendous zest of life. We enjoy working in a small team environment, love to interact with people, strive to give our clients an unforgettable and memorable life experience. Our ability to spend much time in the outdoors and the experiences we made result in the desire to vividly share them with our clients from around the world. 

We like to encourage all our readers, clients and partners to share their stories with us. Stories of travels together with us and our partners, unforgettable or fun memories, stories that relate in any context to one of our themes winter wonders, discovery drives, native encounters, cowboy experiences, nature secrets and adventure dreams.