Nature Secrets

 nature secrets

You could go on a safari, see wildlife and take great photos.

Or you could follow Gary the "Bear Whisperer" and truly experience nature.

Imagine breathing in the early morning fragrances of the forest, learning to spot its secret messages, seeking wildlife tracks and reading the story they tell you: an elk rubbed against this tree, and these broken leaves are actually leftovers of a meal enjoyed by a forest creature just a few hours ago. Who is looking at us from the top of this rustling tree and what are the living arrangements in this burrow? The woods bristle with life all around you.

Gary knows intimately most of the bears in the wetlands and alpine areas of the Cariboo Mountains: their unique habits, temperament, family units and colorings. While amongst the grizzlies, he thinks like a bear. As he communicates with them he speaks in a soft monotone filled with his special brand of humor - "Hey, bear, how's the fishing?" - conveying calmness but also, when required, a stern command - "Enough bear, back off now". This is a unique Canadian wilderness bear viewing adventure.

Whether or not you see that elusive wolf or bear, you will come back with all your senses on high alert and brimming with new impressions, feelings and knowledge, enriched forever with a fuller connection to your environment.

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