Winter Wonders

 winter wonders

Here in Western Canada we look forward to November. Because that's when the snow starts falling. This marks the beginning of a long season of fun for skiers and non skiers alike.

Imagine gliding on spectacular white immensities wrapped in the warmth of dog sled blankets... or actually feeding the dogs at the kennel, loading them on the dog truck, harnessing them in the midst of the most incredible excitement as they just can't wait to hit the trail. And then, there you are, driving your own sled across the frozen lake glittering under the sun or a bright, starry night sky....

Imagine the silence of pristine snowy meadows with nobody around, just you and a few friends on traditional wooden snowshoes. Your Métis guide tells you stories of early explorers, of making it through the winter in the olden days, of traditional uses of trees and plants and shows you how to read animal tracks in the snow. xc skiers Imagine ice walking at the bottom of a deep canyon in search of pictographs left by mysterious Native ancestors....

Why just imagine? Come and experience it!

And if you ARE a skier or a snowboarder, what are the best places? It's simple ask Suzanne for guidance. As a former ski racer and ski instructor she loves the excitement of dancing "deep and steep" in the snow, ski touring, heliskiing and boarding from the Rockies to the Coast Mountains. If she enjoys you will too.

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